MRC Notification & Scheduling Drill




The purpose of this drill is to familiarize all members with the manner (text and email) in which they will be notified of a MRC deployment AND to encourage members to practice signing up for a shift.
Drill Scenario:
Large-scale public health emergency on campus requiring hundreds of Medical Reserve Corps members to sign up for a shift.
Member Time Commitment:
2-4 minutes
During the Drill:
U o f M MRC Members will:
1. Log in to your Shiftboard account.
2. Sign up for a shift as IF there was an actual public health emergency. This is not a real emergency; therefore, practice signing up for a shift as though you will be available.
3. Once you sign up for a shift, no further action will be needed.
You will NOT be required to actually deploy for this drill. You will be practicing the process of signing up for a deployment shift.

Drill Details:
Date: Thursday, December 6
Time: Text and email will be sent to MRC members between 10:00am and 11:00am.