Vaccination Team

patient with bandage from vaccine

In response to requests to assist with COVID vaccination efforts, the Medical Reserve Corps activated a COVID-19 Vaccination Team on February 1st, 2021.

Team members support several components related to vaccine clinic operations, including but not limited to: client check-in, logistical and supply support, client flow management, and vaccination of clients.

This team has been called on to deploy to support vaccination clinics, including:

Vaccination Team Roles

  • Registration Clerk: Check clients in, distribute forms to clients
  • Greeter: Greet clients at the clinic site entrance
  • Medical Station Staff: Provide first aid to clients & staff, and assist Medical Station Staff and injectors with clients experiencing severe reaction to vaccine
  • Post- Injection Waiting Area Staff: Observe and assist clients in post-injection waiting area. For some FQHC teams, must be MD, PA, CNP, RN, or EMT.
  • Supply/Logistics Staff: Clinic site set-up and take-down; assist with vaccine clinic supplies
  • Usher: Assist with client flow through the clinic site
  • Vaccine Injector: Administer vaccine injection into upper arm of clients. Must be currently licensed as a MD, PA, CNP, Pharmacist, RN, LPN, CMA, Dentist, or Veterinarian. (The U of M MRC is following guidance from MDH regarding credentials required to serve as vaccine injector. FQHC clinics may have different requirements for vaccine injectors.)

Training Requirements

All Vaccine Team members must complete the following training:

  1. U of M MRC Online Orientation (Members who have attended an in-person orientation in the past do not need to repeat the online Orientation.)
  2. HIPAA training (Members must complete the online HIPAA training if they have not taken the online course since November 2019.)

Additional Required Training for Vaccine Injectors

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens Training (BBP) - In addition to the requirements listed above, all Vaccine Injectors are required to take the U of M BBP online training course if they have not completed this or a similar BBP training in the past 12 months.
  2. COVID 19 Injector Training | University of Minnesota MRC - To ensure a baseline level of knowledge on COVID 19 vaccination, please complete this required training curriculum. Once complete, submit the Training Confirmation & Survey at the end to log your completion.