Who We Are


Deployments are authorized by Dr. Jakub Tolar.  MRC members may, if they choose, come to work their MRC deployment shift, and are considered essential employees for the purpose of providing healthcare.

The University of Minnesota Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) program is part of a national initiative to mobilize and coordinate volunteers at the local level to assist in the event of a public health crisis or large scale disaster.

The MRC program provides a structure to pre- identify, train, credential and organize medical and public health professionals, as well as non-clinical personal to supplement and support health emergency response systems.

At the U of M any student, faculty, or staff member in the Health Sciences, Boynton Health, or mental health professional in Student Counseling Services is welcome to join the program. In addition, undergraduate students who have taken the required prerequisite courses AHS 1600 and/or AHS 1601 or students referred by the Health Emergency Response Office director or deputy director may also seek membership.

The MRC at the U is interested in both clinically licensed individuals as well as non-licensed individuals who have a strong interest in assisting in the response efforts during a health related emergency. Current MRC members with clinical experience include nurses, doctors, dentists, nursing assistants, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, public health professionals, epidemiologists, veterinary medicine professionals and others. Nearly 50% of MRC members at the University are not clinical providers. These members come with varied backgrounds and provide essential logistical and operational support ranging from expertise in IT, communication, administration and hospitality.