Health Operations Team Example Members and Roles

A Health Operations Team is formed whenever a health issues required campus-level oversight and coordination. The members of each Operations Team are determined based upon the preparedness and response needs of the specific situation. Possible members and their roles include:

Health Emergency Response Office

Coordinate and facilitate Health Operations Team; coordinate with Campus Public Health Officer; facilitate coordination among U of M affiliated clinical partners to ensure consistent approaches and communications (clinical partners include Boynton Health, CUHCC, Dental School clinics, UMP and M Health Fairview); provide information updates to campus leaders; deploy and manage resources through U of M Medical Reserve Corps as needed; address technical and operational needs of all other team members; assist with media interviews as needed. 

Building Code Department

Investigate and provide response oversight of possible foodborne illnesses; review and develop recommendations for adjustments to food service and dining facility operations during a likely foodborne illness cluster or outbreak; provide technical expertise on other food related concerns as needed.

Boynton Health

Ensure health service providers are informed of health incidents or concern on campus; implement case-finding activities within clinics; collect situational awareness information from Health Advocates as warranted; provide post-exposure prophylaxis or other clinical interventions to students as warranted; draft messages and provide incident communications to student populations; serve as media contact as needed.

Housing and Residential Life

Coordinate and implement all communications to residents and staff within the purview of HRL; implement all required response actions within university-owned residential facilities including situation monitoring, employee and resident support, and facility cleaning; assist with developing strategies to address other housing units as needed and appropriate.


Coordinate and implement all communications to dining services staff within the purview of MDining; implement all required response actions within university-owned dining facilities including food handling, employee management, and facility cleaning; assist with developing strategies to address other dining operations as needed and appropriate.

University Relations

Coordinate internal and external communications; coordinate and facilitate response to members of the media and other stakeholders.

GPS Alliance

Provide situational awareness information related to international travel, students, and visitors on campus; coordinate and implement all communications with registered international travelers; implement changes in campus policies and procedures as warranted.

Other departments as warranted by the incident

Occupational Health and Safety, Athletics, Office of General Counsel, UMPD, Department of Emergency Management, Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Management, Office of the Provost, Student Counseling Services, others.