Michael Maher

I have been a member of the Medical Reserve Corps since 2011 and joined for two primary reasons. The first and foremost reason I joined the MRC is that I get considerable fulfillment in helping others and believe in giving back to my community. I see the MRC as a unique opportunity for someone without medical specialization (or much spare time) to provide support preparing for, and carrying out, activities when my community needs it the most. Secondly, I have always had an interest in how the general safety of our community is maintained at the state and local level and saw joining the MRC as a unique way of experiencing the 'behind the scenes' logistics of how those diverse safety needs are met .

I have participated in two MRC drills and look forward to participating in the upcoming Staff Staging Drill. In The Family Assistance Center (FAC) drill on the St. Paul campus, I took a leadership role as a Logistics Strike Team Lead to coordinate my sub-team in setting up and breaking down the FAC.

Participation in MRC drills allows participants to observe multifarious groups of MRC members from across specialties at the U of M work together to give unique assessments and perspectives.