Fall 2018

Practice Like We Play

What do the University of Minnesota (U of M) Gopher women’s basketball team and the University of Minnesota Marching Band have in common?

Each spends hours upon hours practicing for the “real thing.” Coach Whalen will be in the gym with her players for hundreds of hours of practice this coming fall in preparation for the Big 10 basketball season; and the U of M Marching Band is in the midst of an intensive three-week practice schedule in preparation for their season of providing entertainment at Gopher football games and other campus events.

UMN Marching band practicing

In the realm of emergency preparedness and response, we refer to “practice sessions” as drills and exercises. These drills and exercises allow our U of M Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) members the opportunity to “practice like we play”, or in other words, exercise or drill aspects of emergency response in a very similar manner in which we would respond during an actual emergency response.

This fall, U of M MRC members will have an opportunity to participate in an important drill that will introduce them to the process referred to as “Staff Staging”, which is part of the deployment process.

Staff Staging refers to the process of gathering emergency response personnel in a specified area where they sign in for their shift, obtain any needed equipment or supplies, and receive training prior to their shift.

Emergency response drills and exercises are a fun and interactive way to familiarize yourself with important aspects of emergency response. Watch for additional information regarding this drill in the coming months.

Hope to see you at the Staff Staging Drill in November!

Warm regards,

Kathy Hite Berlin, Medical Reserve Corp Coordinator
Academic Health Center Office of Emergency Response

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