Spring 2018

Note from the MRC Coordinator

Statue of Martin Luther King, Jr

"Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?” - Martin Luther King, Jr. 

The spring semester started the day after a national holiday celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., a life spent in service. As I reflect on the immeasurable ways in which Dr. King’s service impacted (and continues to impact) communities across the country, I find myself relishing the kinship the Medical Reserve Corps program shares with the ideals Dr. King espoused.

Medical Reserve Corps members’ commitment to public service is reflected in their involvement in a program that serves communities during times of loss, trauma, and often times, uncertainty.

As MRC members, our commitment to community service connects us to each other, the University community, and to the communities we have the honor of serving. As a program, we will continue to reflect one of the main tenants of the University’s mission statement; outreach and public service.

The act of service to communities in need during a public health disaster is one small way we, as a collective group, continue to answer the call to serve others asked of by Dr. King.

Kathy Hite Berlin, Medical Reserve Corp Coordinator
Academic Health Center Office of Emergency Response

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