MRC Membership

MRC Members are health professionals and others from the University community who are willing to be called in the event of a public health crisis or large scale disaster.

Join the MRC

The MRC welcome new members on an ongoing basis. Follow the steps below to ensure you meet eligibility requirements and to complete the required training.

Step 1: Confirm you meet MRC eligibility requirements

Step 1: Confirm you meet MRC eligibility requirements

Membership in the U of M Medical Reserve Corps is open to students, faculty, and staff with a current and active affiliation with the University's Health Sciences (formerly known as the Academic Health Center), or other select programs. Individuals currently affiliated with the following programs are eligible to join:

  • Boynton Health
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Community-University Health Care Center (CUHCC)
  • Department of Athletic Medicine
  • Department of Family Social Science (Limited to Staff, Faculty and Graduate Students)
  • Department of Psychology (Limited to Staff, Faculty and Graduate Students)
  • Health Sciences / Office of Academic Clinical Affairs (OACA) -  Center, Institute, Department or Program
  • Health Sciences, Administrative Unit
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences Program
  • Medical School
  • Mortuary Science Program
  • Occupational Therapy Program
  • Physical Therapy Program
  • School of Dentistry
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Nursing Alumni
  • School of Public Health
  • School of Social Work
  • Student Counseling Services
  • Undergraduate Students enrolled in select courses: HSem 2707H Battling the Bugs (Jill DeBoer instructor); PUBH 3212 Infectious Disease Outbreak (Jill DeBoer instructor); Future Physicians Class (AHS 1600, 1601, and 1602)
  • Invited by MRC for specific deployment

If you do not meet standard eligibility requirements, you may request an exemption. To do so, please email along with a description of your interest and/or experience related to public health emergency preparedness and response. Your request will be reviewed and we will get back to you with a decision.

Step 2: Complete the MRC Orientation

Step 2: Complete the MRC Orientation

Complete the online U of M Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Orientation (UHS001). Topics covered include your role in a public health emergency, volunteer liability, the communication process for notification or deployment as well as other important information.

Note, if you have attended an in-person orientation as part of a course or at an event, you may skip the video in Part 1. Be sure to click through the end of the course and ensure your completion has been logged.

Step 3: Complete the HIPAA training

Step 3: Complete the HIPAA training

Complete the University of Minnesota online HIPAA training.

This is the same training that is required of many Health Science staff and students. If you have already completed this training as part of your academic program or employment, you will see “Complete” at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: FIll out the MRC Registry

Step 4: FIll out the MRC Registry

Fill out the MRC Registry with your personal and professional information.

Step 5: Look for a Welcome Email from the MRC

Step 5: Look for a Welcome Email from the MRC

After we confirm that you have met all the eligibility and training requirements, we will send you a Welcome Email that provides you with next steps on how to get involved as an active MRC member. You will also receive periodic membeship e-Newsletters.

MRC membership provides me opportunities to provide assistance and support as we face disasters and tragedies in our community.—Karla Hemesath

New & Existing Members

MRC Handbook

Read the MRC Handbook to learn more about the MRC and your role as a volunteer.


Sign into your Shiftboard account within two weeks of joining the Medical Reserve Corps. Shiftboard is the scheduling system you'll use as a member to sign up for volunteer opportunities, including: deployments, training events, strike team meetings, and others. Please familiarize yourself with this system.

Visit the Shiftboard Information page for more information including instructions on how to intially access your account, mobile app info, and a Shiftboard FAQ.


At your first MRC event, you will receive a Medical Reserve Corps T-shirt to be worn during MRC deployments.

Update your Information

MRC members may update your information on the REGISTRY PAGE. Update your information when you change departments, obtain a new credential or license, or have new contact information.

Check your Email

As a registered U of M MRC member, you will receive the MRC member newsletters and COVID-19 Updates. All MRC communication occurs via your U of M email address.