Member Spotlight

"I joined the U of MN MRC program because a quick and coordinated response from caring individuals is so valuable in the case of an unexpected event, and I want to be a part of it."

"I joined the University’s MRC program in 2013 because I enjoy volunteer work and the MRC's has a need for skills I possess."

"I was deployed to Louisiana in 2005, providing care for evacuees of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  I was deployed again in 2007 to assist the families of those missing following the collapse of the I-35 W bridge.  Both of these experiences had a profound (even life-changing) impact on me."

MRC student members offer unique perspectives and an undeniable energy to the U of MN Medical Reserve Corps program.  The Student Advisory Group was developed to capitalize on the attributes of student member which, in turn, strengthens the emergency response capabilities of the University’s MRC unit.

"Participation in the MRC program allows me the opportunity to keep my own nursing skills sharp and brings fun new relationships."

"I continue to serve in the MRC because of its wonderful volunteers, my passion for life-long learning, and my commitment to our university community and beyond."

"Being a part of the MRC means that I can give back to the community that has enriched my experiences academically and personally."

"I want to serve my community during an emergency or disaster, and feel privileged to be a part of a university program that allows me the opportunity to be a part of critical emergency response efforts."

"I registered to become a MRC member, because as a Logistics Manager for the 2014 Manitoba Floods with the Red Cross I experienced the importance of having volunteers to count on. As I moved to the University of Minnesota, I wanted to do my part by serving those in relief situations."

“Being a member of the Medical Reserve Corps has been a way for me to return the abundance of giving oneself for the greater good of my U of M colleagues."