Member Spotlight

As a second year Master of Nursing student, I joined the Medical Reserve Corps because I wanted to play a role in making our community a safe and reliable place. I have an interest in emergency nursing and I enjoy working in an environment that keeps me on my toes. Volunteering is always a good time because you get to meet so many new people from so many different backgrounds and professions.

"Supporting the Chainbreaker event is meaningful to me on a personal and professional level. As a nurse, I have witnessed the dedication of health care professionals in their roles as cancer researchers and patient care providers. As a friend and sister, I have witnessed the impact cancer has had on a close friend and a dear family member."

"I joined the Medical Reserve Corps to be a part of a multidisciplinary team available to the University and community to provide support in the event of a tragedy. The Medical Reserve Corps gives me an opportunity to give back to the University community. "

"I wanted to have the opportunity be a part of something at the University that would be an invaluable experience and to volunteer alongside others who share the same passion for serving communities affected by public health emergencies as I do."

The Veterinary Medicine Response Strike Team is designed to respond to local and national animal health emergencies. 

"I’m convinced that the AHC Prepared: Basic First Aid class gave me the knowledge and skills to override my tendency to freeze when scared and allowed me to offer quick help and comfort to someone in pain."

The Pharmaceutical Response Strike Team is designed to respond to local and national public health emergencies that have a pharmaceutical response component.

Logistics Strike Team Leads are responsible for the coordination of resource management before and during U of M MRC deployments, exercises, and training events. Resource management includes physical site set-up and take-down, supply management, and providing for staff needs. 

"MRC membership provides me opportunities to provide assistance and support as we face disasters and tragedies in our community."

"My efforts with the MRC represent some of the most difficult, painful, inspiring, and rewarding work that I do – and it is an honor and a privilege to do it."