Member Spotlight

"I personally joined because of my experience with emergencies in the US and abroad."

 "I see the MRC as a unique opportunity for someone without medical specialization (or much spare time) to provide support preparing for, and carrying out, activities when my community needs it the most."

"I believe public health preparedness is so important and this gave me a chance to be a part of those efforts."

"Having studied public health in graduate school, I am passionate about the value of preparation in ensuring our communities are safe and continue to thrive."

"Most importantly, it’s gratifying to work with people that really care about what they do, are extremely competent, and pitch in to help others whenever needed."

"The experiences and hands-on education I have received from the Medical Reserve Corps are truly unmatched by any other organization at the U of MN."

"I have enjoyed working with other pharmacists to find a way to serve communities affected by public health emergencies."

"Being a member of the MRC allows me the opportunity to be ready and able to respond to serve our communities, if needed. I joined the MRC in 2012 and serve as a member on the N-95 Strike Team."

"Becoming involved in the Medical Reserve Corp provides me a way to see the application of emergency management in real world scenarios instead of solely in academia."

As a second year Master of Nursing student, I joined the Medical Reserve Corps because I wanted to play a role in making our community a safe and reliable place. I have an interest in emergency nursing and I enjoy working in an environment that keeps me on my toes. Volunteering is always a good time because you get to meet so many new people from so many different backgrounds and professions.