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Our Mission

The current COVID-19 pandemic has made it more evident than ever that online grocery shopping is a useful skill to have. However, many people may have trouble figuring out the online ordering process. Our mission is to provide learning materials and direct telephone assistance to those who are learning to use online grocery ordering.

I Would Like Help Ordering Groceries

How-to Flyers

Our “How-to” flyers make online ordering into a simple step-by-step process, showing you where to go and how to get there. If you are interested in reading a “How-to” guide, please select from the options below.

How to order grocery delivery from…

If you are a resident of a partnered assisted living or senior living facility, we may be able to deliver printed copies of these guides to you. Please ask your residential facility if they know about the Gopher Grocery Assistance Outreach.

Would you like direct assistance over the telephone?

Our Grocery Coaches are available by request and are happy to call you at your convenience to walk through the grocery ordering process.

Please call 612-301-FOOD or 612-301-3663 to leave a voicemail with your personalized request.

If you are an assisted living or senior living facility that would like to offer our services to your residents, please contact our Volunteer Coordinators:

I Would Like to Volunteer as a Grocery Coach

The Gopher Grocery Assistance Outreach is an MRC deployment made up of healthcare professionals and healthcare student volunteers who are committed to improving the health and wellness of the Twin Cities community— we are happy to receive volunteer requests, and details on this MRC deployment may be found below.

To sign up for this deployment: Please fill out this form

Date: May 15, ongoing until further notice
Time commitment: Volunteers sign up for shifts (minimum of 3-6 cumulative hours per week) to be “on call.” This does not necessarily mean that you will be fielding calls for the entire shift, but rather the shift is a list of your availability. Should a request be made within the window of time that you listed, you will be contacted by a volunteer coordinator with the call request.
Shifts: Calls may be made anytime between the hours of 9am and 8pm, weekdays and weekends
Location: From home/remote volunteering
Participants: Any member of the MRC
Training: A short orientation and tutorial on how to use our Coaching Guides will be scheduled upon signing up

Additional Information

Aside from Grocery Coaching, other volunteer roles may involve “How to” flyer creation, and coordinating outreach to senior living facilities. Options to express interest in these other volunteer areas are available within the above signup form.

Why consider virtual volunteering?

  • Allows people who cannot leave their homes during the pandemic to continue to volunteer
  • Access to our services can be more widespread because location will not be a limitation
  • Decreases the number of people who are going out in the community to flatten the curve
  • Teaching residents to online shop can be beneficial even after the COVID pandemic
  • This service could continue after med students have to go back to hospital
  • Increases communication with residents who may be isolated during the pandemic