Emergency Procedures

What should I do in an emergency situation?

If there is a threat to people, property, facilities, or otherwise:

  1. Call 911
    Note: It is not necessary to dial 8 on your campus phone when calling 911

  2. Remain calm

  3. Report the type of emergency:
    • Fire
    • Medical
    • Criminal or threatening behavior
    • Major flooding
    • Chemical spill
    • Radiation contamination
    • Biological contamination
    • Bomb
    • Terrorist threat

  4. Report your location

How are campus-wide emergency notifications made?

In case of campus emergencies, the University uses multiple communications to notify the campus community, including tone alert radios, outdoor warning systems, on-the-ground public safety personnel, email, the University home page, and SAFE-U. 

SAFE-U is the University of Minnesota's emergency text messaging system.

Learn about and get added to SAFE-U

612-301-SAFE: For messages about weather, safety, and health emergencies on the Twin Cities campus, call 301-SAFE (612-301-7233).

Building Emergency Plans

Every building on campus should have an up-to-date Building Emergency Plan. The primary objective of this plan is to ensure everyone leaves the building safely, or sheltered in-place as appropriate, and occupants are accounted for after evacuation. Development and maintenance of a building emergency plan is a participatory process with building occupants providing leadership and serving in roles to ensure plan objectives are met.